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Release Your Magic

Fifi Hex Labyrinth

Fifi Hex Labyrinth has everything you need to release your magic!

Crafted with beautiful, durable, and lustrous Damascus steel, the Fifi Hex Labyrinth vessel is truly eye-catching. While each Fifi Hex Labyrinth comes with gold on the top and bottom of the vessel, you have the option to choose other available material. 

The interior of the Fifi Hex Labyrinth design has an intricate, labyrinth-like appearance that sets it apart and gives the vessel its own unique flair. What sets Hex Labyrinth apart from Hex is its complexity. Hex Labyrinth is more intricate when opening, while Hex opens more readily. This makes Hex Labyrinth more challenging and fun to open! 

Fifi artwork appears on the front of the vessel, reminding you to find your confidence and compassionately connect with others. 

Your Fifi Hex Labyrinth also comes with a sleek titanium spoon and chain—both with a wonderful matte finish. 

Each Fifi Hex Labyrinth is limited edition and serialized—so make sure to release your magic, and the art of being yourself!

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