Lucy SpoonFly Card

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Lucy SpoonFly Card

The Magic of Connection

Spoonfly Magic Network is a community platform that brings like-minded souls to fly better, together.

The SpoonFly Card is the perfect way to share your information with others and make lasting connections!

With the SpoonFly card, you can quickly and easily connect with anyone, and chat with other SpoonFly members with ease.

Every SpoonFly card is made with premium, onyx metal and features the artwork and color of your favorite Spoonfly character.

With an excellent list of features, the ability to connect with others, and a sleek, customizable card, the SpoonFly Card is the perfect way to connect!


The SpoonFly Card comes with some amazing features. These include:

  • A simple and easy way to connect with others by tapping your SpoonFly card to the phone of anyone you meet. Advanced tap-to-connect NFC technology will automatically upload your data to the phone of the person you are connecting with!
  • The ability to quickly share your name, social media, phone number, and email with others just by tapping your card to their phone.
  • Special discounts for Fashionfly & world’s top restaurants.
  • First-hand information on latest fashion trends, parties, festivals, and more.
  • Access to a secret Chatfly messenger.
  • Invites to exclusive Spoonfly events.
  • Connection to like-minded people around the globe.


Membership is completely FREE, and you will quickly discover that the tap-to-connect technology is a simple and streamlined way to share your information with others (and receive their information as well).

Network with ease and share your magic with The SpoonFly Card!

The Spoonfly Card comes completely free with the purchase of any of our products.

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Invitation Code

Spoonfly is an exclusive membership and is invite-only. In order to join the community, you'll need an invite from a gold member.

Spoonfly is an exclusive membership and is invite-only. In order to access our Tap-to-connect platform, purchase Spoonfly products, Fashionfly, ger invites to events and more you'll need a Spoonfly Gold Member to invite you into the network.