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Embrace Your Magic

Lucy Twinkle USB Drive

Lucy USB Drive has everything you need to embrace your magic!

Crafted with beautiful, durable, and sleek Damascus steel as well as rose gold, the Lucy USB Drive is the perfect way to keep your private data safe—while also allowing you to access it any time you are around a computer with a USB port. 

Lucy USB Drive is a great way to transfer and transport data. The stainless steel necklace not only looks amazing, but also makes carrying your Lucy USB Drive that much easier. 

To ensure you have the amount of data you need, your Lucy USB Drive comes with 64GB, 128GB or 256GB of data to choose from.

Lucy artwork appears on the front of the USB Drive, reminding you to embrace others with love and acceptance.

Each Lucy USB Drive is limited edition and serialized—so make sure to embrace your magic, and the art of being yourself!

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