Limited Edition

Limited Edition

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Zenma Face Chain


Zenma provides unique fashion that is both elegant and fierce.

As with Spoonfly, Zenma is dedicated to free expression and creating fashion that helps those that wear it to express themselves authentically.

In collaboration with Spoonfly, Zenma has created their limited-edition Face Chain. This stunning chain comes in a variety of colors and is limited to a small quantity. The chain has an eye-catching and stylish aesthetic, while also being casual enough for a range of different occasions. It is complimentary with a variety of outfits and makes a bold statement.

The chain is comfortable and lightweight, allowing for all-day/nightwear. Pendants at the ends of the chain invoke a feeling of spirituality and a deeper connection with the universe.

There are only 25 units available for each color, and it’s available in silver, gold, rose gold, and copper.

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