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Perform Your Magic

Zion Hex Necklace


Zion Hex has everything you need to perform your magic!

Crafted with beautiful, durable, and lustrous Damascus steel, the Zion Hex vessel is truly eye-catching. The interior of the Zion Hex has an intricate, labyrinth-like appearance that sets it apart and gives the vessel its own unique flair.  

Also available is the Hex Labyrinth—a more complex version of the Hex. This version is more challenging to open, and is a lot of fun! 

Zion artwork appears on the front of the vessel, reminding you to radiate positivity and have fun with others.

Your Zion Hex also comes with a sleek titanium spoon and a [silver] [matt black] chain necklace, allowing you to carry it with ease. 

Each Zion Hex is limited edition and serialized—so make sure to perform your magic, and the art of being yourself! Grab yours today!

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